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Leone's Trattoria daily specials



Cream of potato

Cappellini with broccoli and chicken


Turkey melt Panini

bacon, tomatoes, provolone and mayonnaise, ff on the side7.95

Sausage Panini

with peppers, onions, tomato and mozzarella, ff on the side7.95

Chicken parmigiana Panini

ff on the side7.95


Grilled salmon over Tuscan salad

baby arugula, Roma tomatoes, red onions, cannellini, fresh mozzarella, lemon vinaigrette10.95

Blackened chicken over red apple salad

with dried cranberries, crumbled gorgonzola, walnuts, red onions and baby arugula with balsamic vinaigrette drizzled on top8.95


Grilled salmon over broccoli rabe

roasted peppers, cannellini, sundried tomatoes and linguine tossed in olive oil and garlic15..95

Pollo con zucchine

breast of chicken sauté with potatoes, zucchini, roasted tomatoes, white wine and lemon11.95

Pasta alla Finetese

penne with eggplant, garlic, spicy sausage, plum tomato and provolone15.95

Risotto al funghi

Arborio rice simmered with assorted mushrooms, plum tomato, parmesan and porcini broth10.95

Penne with gorgonzola

zucchini, tomatoes, walnuts and cream10.95